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Drudge Game RPG

Table Top Role Playing in Any Genre

Developement Guide to Drudge!

Welcome to this Developement Guide!

As you may know, with the Drudge! Core Rule Book also comes a royalty free, lifetime license, to develope supplements for Drudge!, under the Drudge! umbrella.

This means that you may use the Drudge! logotype and even SELL your product as a specific Drudge! supplement.

There are some DOS and DON’TS though.

First of all – you may NOT:

  • Create any hate-propaganda or illegal material and associate it with Drudge!
  • Say that your product is an “Official” Drudge! product.
  • Create a Core Rule Book.
  • Use any images or other copyrighted material that you do not own or have a license to use.

The DOS are listed in the Core Rule Book. The version you bought is the version that applies for you – however, this might change in the future. The license MAY change slightly, but the core subject, that all buyers of the Core Rule Book have the opportunity to create own material for Drudge!, and sell it, will always be the same.

We suggest that supplements that you create are one, some or all of these four:

  • Adventure
  • Campaign
  • Terrain
  • Model

Adventures and Campaigns may have specific rules – but remember that you can never create a new rule book.

We really appreciate any specific Drudge! terrain and models.

We CAN slap an “Official” stamp on your product if we see it really benefit the Drudge! game and community. If so, we will contact you.

We MAY also endorse your product here on the official website of Drudge!
To be able to consider an endorsement, please do this:

  • Please contact us (contact info is in the Drudge! Core Rule Book) first and let us know what you have created and in what format it is.
  • If we are interested (which we usually is!), then you will get information on how to send us a copy for review. Please note: we will never ever sell, trade or hand over this copy to any third party.
  • We will then contact you and let you know if we will endorse you or not.
    If not, you will find out why and how you can improve your product to submit it again.

If we endorse your product on the official website, it is very important that you keep the product “alive” with support and don’t take it down from sale-websites.

An endorsed product will end up in our news-stream, as well as on a special page for endorsed products. We might also mention endorsed products, and even link to them, in future Core Rule Books.

CLICK HERE to download a ZIP-file containing the official logotypes for Drudge! Feel free to use these files in your own supplements.

This ZIP-file contains:

  • COLOR BITMAP (PSD-format, 5000 pixel width)
  • COLOR BITMAP (PNG-format, 1000 pixel width)

Please DO NOT change these images in any way other than size.
You may NOT change color, style, rotation etc.

Have fun with Drudge!