NEW Official Adventure: Unnatural Stories

The Official Adventure “Unnatural Stories” is now available at DriveThruRPG!

Unnatural Stories is the second official adventure specially written for the table-top/roleplaying game Drudge!

This booklet contains FIVE adventure ideas for Drudge!

In All Out War two combat groups meet on the battle field. The adventure is written for Vietnam war era, World War II or Hundreds’ Year War – but it is easily converted to any similar conflict.

The Space Station brings an alien problem to the explorers of our Solar System. This is either an easy action adventure – or a more advanced horror episode with a twist!

The Assassination calls for the death of an evil dictator – but can also be converted to a mafia episode. Your choice!

In Beer Run a trucker makes a bet to smuggle beer between two states. This is another version of the adventure Convoy, included in the core rule book.

The Mysterious Maze transports a small group of people who never met before, to a weird maze. This adventure includes four different versions that can be expanded upon.

Each of these five adventures are written without any NPC data or other values or tables. Mainly, this is because most of these adventures should be converted by a Game Master (or in some cases the players) based upon what models and terrain you have access to. Most of these adventures does not use NPC – but can be expanded to include NPC if GM or the players feel the need for this.

The ZIP-file includes two PDF versions. One spreads version and one pages version.

For the table-top sessions you will need a few buildings and figures.
You will need the Drudge! Core Rule Book to be able to play this adventure.

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