NEW: Three new generic adventures, perfect for Drudge!

Three new Generic Adventures were just released by All three of these are perfect for Drudge!

Generic Adventure: Abducted
Genre: Cyberspace / Cyberpunk / Sci-fi

Abducted is a cyberspace-heavy science-fiction adventure for a small game group that has watched too many X-Files-episodes.

In Abducted one of the adventurers are abducted – and the game group now how to find out if it was indeed aliens (I’m not saying it’s aliens – but it MIGHT be aliens!) or some other hidden force behind their friend’s peculiar behaviour.

Generic Adventure: The Last V8
Genre: Post Apocalypse / Sci-fi

The Last V8 is a hardcore, action-packed, straight-forward, no-nonsense post-apocalypse adventure for a small roleplaying group.

In The Last V8 the adventurers find out the location of an old power car, and race to get it before the enemies of the Wasteland take it away.

Generic Adventure: Pirates!
Genre: High Seas / Pirate / Historic

Pirates! is a non-linear high seas/pirate adventure that places the adventurers in a situation where they can gain control over Shark Bay – a pirate run island in the Caribbeans! They only have to get rid of the five pirate captains that rule the town now…

This adventure is non-linear and is built on the players own decisions. Tons of intrigue, local politics, some economics/trade – and swashbuckling, of course!

Heavily influenced by the TV-series Black Sails, this adventure is mainly for the Treasure Island-audience that wants to play out some hardcore pirate action!

Get all of them – and the first two – at DriveThruRPG. Each adventure only costs $1 USD!


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