SOON: New adventure, “The Monster from the Other Side”

The Monster from the Other Side is SOON to be released at DriveThruRPG.

In this small horror/mystery adventure, with a bit dark comedy, your group travels through a small town. At night, someone is murdered – and the adventurers are now out to find who done it!

But it’s not just that simple… it doesn’t seem like the murderer was actually a … person?!

The Monster from the Other Side | Drudge! Official Adventure

The Monster from the Other Side is a small table-top roleplaying adventure specifically written for Drudge!

It is made for 2-4 players, approx 1-4 characters in each player-group.

It is a quick and simple adventure – but which is flexible and possible to build upon. There are also ideas included on how to expand the adventure, and how to transfer it to other ers (for instance: fantasy).

The Monster from the Other Side is being released on DriveThruRPG within a few weeks.

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