RELEASED: Drudge! Core Rule Book

The Drudge! Core Rule Book is now released at DriveThruRPG.

The Drudge! Core Rule Book has everything you need to play (except models and terrain, of course).

Drudge! Core Rule Book
Pages: 40
Format: PDF(download direct)

What is it?
Drudge! is a table top role playing game for any genre.
With these rules you can setup any game you want – and do so very quickly, since the rules are easy to understand, but yet powerful.

The basis for each game is the player’s groups with characters. Each group can contain up to five character – where one has to be a Main Character. These Main Character are used in the role playing sessions – but all of the characters are used in the action packed (and fast!) table top combat sequences.

There are many ways to play Drudge!
Either with a group of people and a Game Master (GM), or just you and a friend without GM – or even solo!

Drudge! is a free-form, easy to learn, fast-paced game that focus on bringing the fun of roleplaying into table top. Action – in any genre.

Many adventures and campaigns are being developed – but we encourage you to do your own.

Get Drudge! Core Rule Book at DriveThruRPG.

Drudge! Core Rule Book cover (version 1.00,, 2016)
Drudge! Core Rule Book cover (version 1.00,, 2016)

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