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What is that?

Good question! Drudge! is a:

  • Six-sided dice based
  • Role-playing
  • Table-top
  • Rule system
  • …for any genre!

It was developed first in 1996 by me (J. Pingo Lindstrom) and my friend Henrik Pettersson. We wanted a table-top rule system where we could also do some role-playing sessions and be able to advance our characters between the adventures.

At that time, what came closest, was Games Workshop’s wonderful game Necromunda. But that game was expensive, it needed expensive models – and a lot of terrain, which we didn’t have.

And it had its limitations. We didn’t want to play just simple building-action-games – we wanted to do fantasy stories that took place in both a dungeon and a tavern, steam punk adventures where you could fly an air baloon around the world (in 80 days!), or western stories with gun battles and train robberies!

Drudge! Core Rule Book cover (version 1.00, PenguinComics.com, 2016)
Drudge! Core Rule Book cover (version 1.00, PenguinComics.com, 2016)

Necromunda didn’t have all that – so we made our own game: Grunts! Yes – it was called Grunts at the time. Every character started as a grunt, a meaningless character that was, essentially, gun fodder. But the character could grow, and that was the beauty of our system.

Grunts went into oblivion, but I dug up the old rule sheets and re-wrote the whole thing. That’s what PenguinComics.com is now publishing – as Drudge!

We hope you will enjoy the Drudge and play many cool campaigns! Be back soon for updates on more adventures and supplements.

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